Some major changes are swirling in Battlelund, such as massive storms of arcane fury raging all across Albrathia! This, you will learn, is part of the Three Omens, signs heralding the coming of Yoggy, an ancient cosmic terror that is seeking to subdue Albrathia under it's billion eye gaze! Thankfully for the folks on Albrathia, only the first Omen, the Omen of Storms is underway, so there is time. Time for what? To get bashy and smashy in ever more fun, creative, and amazing ways! Battlelund: Omen of Storms is fast approaching!

What is Battlelund: Omen of Storms? It is Battlelund's first expansion! It adds more 15mm mayhem to the party with plenty of neat features! Let's take a brief look at some of them, shall we? Great! An exciting feature for most gaming expansions are new additions to army rosters, and Omen of Storms is delivering here! Each of the six available armies are getting a new hero, and a new specialized unit! The new hero is super nifty besides having really cool abilities and statistics, they are also allowed to be Declared General, meaning they can lead your army! Yay! With Omen of Storms there will be three Declared General choices per army!

The specialized unit fulfills characterful army-flavored battlefield roles that reflect the lore of the setting and army, bringing some cool tricks and tactics, such as the new Orcs unit, Goblin Saboteurs. These little cuties are pretty cool as they are pretty good in Close Combat, are super fast, have a new Trait that allows them to be stealthy and evasive, and to top it off, can pull off special Sabotage rolls that allow them to either disarm opponents (lowering offensive output), dismantle war engines (no firing now!), setting cavalry traps (ouch!!!), or throwing surprise bombs (boom!). Sounds cool, right? Yup, and every army is getting something similar!

The game will also get customization upgrades, like weapons, armor, and items! Now characters and even units can pick up (for points!) mighty upgrades! These are pretty role specific, and serve a focused purpose such as weapons that really, really pump out Wounds, or armor that reflects magic spells within a certain radius around wearer, and banners and marching relics that boost a unit's performance! These add another great layer to Battlelund, and expand the setting too, giving more flavor to all factions!

Spells are also getting upgraded! Each school is getting new spells, and a new school is being added, Shatter Lore. This is all about corruption and destruction, so you can expect to find it's user's amongst the Dark Lord's Host, Dark Elves, and Orcs (though only certain shamans feel this necessary). Additional armies are soon to be introduced as well, who will definitely be favoring this school of magic, so stay tuned for more on that as well!

Gameplay mechanics and scenarios are getting in on this party too! We've added some neat new enviromental hazards and rewards, new objectives, as well as multiple objectives per side, with each having different goals to meet! There is a lot of emphasis placed on the narrative of the game being played, and these features enhance this desire, which is always awesome!

Then the lore itself! The world is undergoing some big changes, a tempest of terror and hope! The super bad Yoggy coming, and the Pale Lady, an ancient being from Albrathia's past has returned and has taken up with the Dark Lord's Host. She has a history with Yoggy, and has her own dreams of conquest of Albrathia. The lore is getting expanded upon, some new history is given, current events are detailed more, and the state of things in the era that games are meant to reflect is all around, much richer!

This is a lot of cool stuff! We're excited about this storm, and we hope you are too! It's coming super soon, so stay tuned and get ready!

Haven't started playing yet?!? Get into Battlelund! Find out everything you need to know to choose your armies, start playing, and get into the fun! 

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Easy Assembly!

infographic on paper miniature assembly, cut out sections, score on doted line, glue front and back together, cut out individual miniatures, base, enjoy

We often appreciate people for believing in, and realizing their dreams. How often do we do that for ourselves? Many people seem to have their dreams pushed away or belittled, or have arrogance shown towards them. Some will allow this to destroy their dreams, others will keep them half-present, and others will not be deterred. Imagine a time when no one had their dreams, goals, and aspirations belittled. We all want to create, achieve, and share. Imagine for yourselves that that time is this moment now, and think for a moment about your dreams. Imagine no one will give you needless resistance, and no one will tell you not to bother, and you realize that without those blockers, you can find numerous paths to your dreams, many crossing into each other. Disregarding the negative resistance is essentially how dreams are realized, and we should all do our best, every minute of every day to put our dreams to the forefront, and ignore baseless criticisms. All of us can realize our dreams, and they all matter, just like everyone of us matters. So please appreciate your dreams and hopes, just as much (or more), then those of others. It is your story you are living. Be true, be fun, be happy!

“If you are happiness, what can't you conquer?”

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  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Ruler

  • Hobby Knife (optional)

  • Cutting Mat (optional)

  • Paper Miniature Sheet

1. Rough cut out miniatures

Cut the sheet into sections. Some miniatures are individuals and are cut out individually. Stands are cut out intact (see the artillery crew in the above photo).

2. Score on the dotted line

Using a ruler and hobby knife, lightly cut along the dotted line.

3. Fold units in half and glue

Fold as accurately as possible along the center line. Scoring helps immensely. Apply glue and press the front and back together.

4. Cut out miniatures

Cut miniatures out with scissors or a hobby knife on a cutting mat. You can use either tool, your miniatures will look great!

Note: The Artillery unit in the top two rows was cut out with scissors, while the bottom row of Large and Characters was cut out with a hobby knife.

5. Place on base

That’s it! Beautiful, no?

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Easy Storage

Finished playing? Your miniatures will store great in a sandwich size resealable plastic bag.

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