We're Sundered Vault, currently a husband and wife gaming business that has made a transition to Reno, Nevada (USA). One of our goals has been to alleviate suffering and to provide whatever we can for people and the world and it's this heart-based goal that drives if to call for assistance now.

When we arrived, we saw that there were many people and places that could use aid, and genuine caring of any kind. To this end we are inviting you, our community, to join "SV 528 Brigade", by donating what you can to help us go out and attend to those who need it.

The funds are relief and aid for those in need that don't feel they can get help or are ashamed to ask for it, or simply feel forgotten. Whether they are without a home, proper clothing, guaranteed meals, or all of the above, these funds are for them. They are all around us, and this allows us to give to them on the spot, right there, when they need it.

There is tremendous power in giving, in serving others. It is a way of growth, a way of opening and expanding your capacities. Giving and helping, in any way, no matter the size, causes tremendous ripples. We often do not know the depth an act of care and kindness has moved and reached to uplift and effect another, as well as the world. No kindness was ever insignificant. And in some way, small or large, never went unnoticed.

We make games. We believe in the healing of joy, playfullness, and fun. We wish to expand our capacity to give, and the gratitude that comes from us, and the lives that we are able to impact by showing care, relief, and hope, are incapable of being expressed in words. They are felt deep, stirring, and filling the heart. Sundered Vault (SV 528 Brigade) invites you to assist Reno's downtrodden with thanks, peace, and love.

You can donate to SV 528 Brigade at GoFundMe.com (here's the link).

It's Bill Time!

These and many other fine products will soon be in a store near you!

Actually, these are now available in our SHOP and at wargamevault.

Except the SV exclusives, which you can only find in our SHOP.


It's Operation Smile! Mission Cheer Up! And it IS ON!!!

We're constructing a most mighty fortress, like the ultimate fortress! It's a place for joy, fun, curiosity, and play! This fortress already has it's first walls and even a garrison of fun for you! The Fabulous Freesource Fort is where you can find free resources lovingly created by Sundered Vault that are yours to download and play with! No matter who you are, gamer or inquisitive looker, the fort is always open to you, in fact, you have special access to the entire place! So come in, and enjoy! Find something that suits you, download it, and play! Smile, enjoy!

Introducing Pixel Party's Flames of Bit Bolt Action!

A Present for you!

In fact, you can go ahead and get a gift right now! It's super cool for World War 2 enthusiasts and gamers, and those who want to be either or both! Stationed in the Fort now are some neat original pixel/sprite minis that work wonders with all the really awesome, popular WW2 Systems! If you play ANY WW2 wargame, or want to, this is one way you can do it with ease and relaxation. Minis are taken care of! You'll find both Germans and Brits supplied here, with the kind of variety one gets in army box sets! Oh, AND they come in both 15mm AND 28mm for your preference of power! Yay! Please share these with anyone that could use them, we never know the depth of any action that cause ripples of fun, play, and hope!

And gamers like fun, yeah?

Alright, so what is included on the sheets?


3 Grenadier Squads (10 Dudes with STG 44s, MP38, MP40, Kar98, Officer)
1 Puma Sd.Kfz 234/2 Armored Car
2 PAK 75mm 40 Guns + Crew


3 Infantry Squads (10 Dudes with Bren Guns, Rifle No. 4 Mk1, Rifle No. 5 Mk1, Officer)
1 Cromwell Cruiser Tanks
2 Vickers MMG Teams

Check them out at the Fabulous Freesource Fort now!

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SV’s PRIMARCHS are American Born, but SUNDERED VAULT is GLOBALAN (yep, I think I just made that word up). Part of the SV mission is to globalize the world. By globalize, we do not mean to make every country or culture the same. Our only goal is for everyone to have FREEDOM and to be treated with KINDNESS. Every country is equal, and has infinite value. Every country is loved by the PRIMARCHS and by the Universe. All are beautiful.


KINDNESS in our FAMILY means Love, Non-Judgment, and Consideration. KINDNESS does not mean Politeness. In SV everyone is Loved, Honored, Trusted, and Supported. The basic creed of SV is KINDNESS. This is a friendly Universe and we make it even friendly every time we are kind to others. The World will be a World of KINDNESS.


SUNDERED VAULT has the grandest purpose of them all. To change the World into a world where there is only KINDNESS. Through our Fun and Heroic Entertainment, we are Shining Pillars of KINDNESS. Through our future innovative PROJECTS in systems, education, arts, technology, energy, travel, space, agriculture, medicine, spirituality, and RELIEF we will see the World emerge as a World of KINDNESS. The World will be Whole. Everyone with equal FREEDOM, all giving and receiving equal KINDNESS.

As a KIND World, everyone will have FREEDOM. Everyone will have access to (and freedom to choose) food, clothing, shelter, education, entertainment, work/play, travel, technology, opportunities, spirituality, health, fulfillment, and love.


SV is based on the belief that everyone is equal, and has infinite value. You are loved by the PRIMARCHS and by the Universe. You are alive to experience love your entire life, to be love and to be loved entirely. In the SV FAMILY everyone will treat everyone else with KINDNESS. If you cannot or do not agree with this, please do not join our family.

In this FAMILY you will find FREEDOM and PEACE that you may not have experienced in the Past. What you are experiencing is from the Future. In the Future there is only KINDNESS. Yep, with SV you get to live in the Future and help to usher the Future into the Present and share this Present with everyone! What a beautiful gift.

You are vital to this change. Yes! You can change the World. You are not little, insignificant, or unimportant. You have unlimited power and potential. You are a Super Hero! Come, join with us. Change the World! (And have fun doing it!)

^_^ Welcome Home. <--0--> (HUG)


Grover B.B.T. Mountain

Rainbow S. Mountain

"With those who are kind the sage is kind. With those who are not kind the sage is also kind. Because the way of Tao is kindness." —Lao Tsu

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Don't have a printer? No problem! We will print and mail our miniatures to you!

We are now offering printed miniatures on EBAY.

Have a printer? You can still find our print and play miniatures in our SHOP.

Battlelund army sheets come with enough miniatures to field two of every unit (each army has between 14 to 16 units) offering extreme flexibility and customization for a low cost! Printed, packaged, and mailed directly to you with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

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"Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished"

Paper Bases for Paper Minis, FREE! Perfect for Sundered Vault and other paper miniature producers!

Need Bases for Battlelund? FREE! Enjoy!