Introducing Sundered Vault's latest game line, Half Hour Heroics, lead first by Novus Crusade! This system is designed to flexible, fast, and fun, allowing for customization and quick gameplay! Novus Crusade is set in a techno-medieval future, filled with space knights, space gremz, and many other soon-to-be-released races! The book is full color, and comes with the following goodies!

Setting Material on the Techno-Medieval future of Novus Crusade!

Complete Rules of Play, so easy you can play and have a blast today!

Some Sample Lists to use right away!

Lovely miniatures for all listed troops, and color variants for each Variant Faction! Or you can use your own!

Lovely tokens and markers for all orders and traits!



Everything in the game is based around a single target number, and we use D6s!

You build a force with points! Troops are single characters or squads!

You upgrade troops and their weapons with Traits, which add some neat bonuses and modifiers.

The profile for troops and weapons is very simple, and is based on how it modifies or penalizes the base target number!

Commanders can give orders that make things much cooler, or easier!

There are different mission types, including blasting everything, holding an area, and wave defense!

Variant Forces/Factions who have slight modifications to how the play, and the colored minis to play them!

A great game to relax with your pals or introduce younger folks to tabletop wargaming!

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Keep on the lookout for our other soon-to-be-released races!

We are now Silver on WargameVault! Congratulations Battlelund! Thank you everyone!

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Learn more about Battlelund here, get started! This game will only bring you smiles and fun!

It's pixel time! If you're a fan of the colorful team-based action heroes of both Japanese and US tv shows, where the outfits are awesome, the villains plentiful, and character, humor, and action are abundant, then this pack is for you! Made for those who play roleplaying games based on Tokusatsu/Henshin hero shows and would love some charming miniatures the enhance their game! These are fun and can totally be used for some mighty tabletop wargaming too! 


Various colored Rangers, Bowlies (Bad Guy Grunts), Zogglers (Bad Guy Grunts) and six Monsters of the Week including the long awaited Pumpking and Bullet Head!


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Zogs and more Pixel Rangers Play Force Coming SOON!

"Ready to cross No Pixel's Land amidst a hail of bitty bullets chattering out of the aptly named Chatty Guns? Ready to blaze into the muddy trenches as Lundmor's Storm Elite and boot those pesky Great Granbelians back across the sea? How about witnessing the might of Morvel through its glorious Mk III Penguin tank? This and much, much more awaits all gamers who are looking for an enjoyable, fast, and genuinely simply and fun game!

This game is for everyone, and is perfect for introducing younger folks to wargaming. It is meant to be a light-hearted affair with cute pixel minis, whimsical fluff, and playful rules. You can teach this game and be playing and having a huge blast in no time at all! So why not ignore all of those shells blasting out there and read this book, gather up your friends and family and get playing? Playing is great!"


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These packs of little pixel troops are for play with our Tiny Troopz: The Great Pixel War, soon to be released (purchasers will recieve a discount for Great Pixel War when it releases!), but you can and are encouraged to use them for any and all things you like! The setting is light in tone, much more like a PG movie or cartoon, and is fictional in nature, but with inspiration from the World War One era.





All armies include Terrain & Tokens!


Now Available: REINFORCEMENTS for Green Vs. Tan!

Tan Reinforcements Pack 1

IN THIS REINFORCEMENTS PACK you gain 3 new Characters for the Tanzer Elite faction! "Jumping" Jill is a fast moving, evasive soldier who has Preliminary Assault, "Tackle" Joe is a giant, brawly guy who is great in a fight, but is an easy target for a sergeant... and finally there is "Gaunt" Gavin, a sergeant capable of healing friendly troops, running objectives with ease, and being really hard to hit! This pack contains both the minis and their stats and reference goodies! Enjoy, and look forward to more Green Guard AND Tanzer Elite Reniforcements soon! The battle is just beginning!

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Green Reinforcements Pack 1

IN THIS REINFORCEMENTS PACK you gain 3 new Characters for the Green Guard faction! "Shotsy" Anna is a flanking specialist with a shotgun, "Eyeball" Allen is a support and marksman professional, and "Cool Hand" Claire is a new Lieutenant for more leadership options! This pack contains both the minis and their stats and reference goodies! Enjoy, and look forward to Tanzer Elite Reniforcements soon!

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Welcome to Modern Warfare Pixelized! Bringing a unique look to our easy to use and affordable minis, we're releasing a line of Modern Warfare, with packs that focus on the infantry forces and on the mechanized forces of each nation! You'll get Unique Minis that have duplicates on the sheets for ease! You will also get the minis in BOTH 28mm and 15mm varieties, to suit whatever gaming system or rules you're using! Enjoy, and happy gaming!

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Play with love and play with joy!

Paper Bases for Paper Minis, FREE! Perfect for Sundered Vault and other paper miniature producers!

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