Thank you for Sharing, Dreaming and Playing with us! ENJOY!

There is something deep and complex about nearly everything, often masked or locked away, other times obvious from the start. Sundered Vault is such an expression. It is many things on many different levels. It is a vault where the purest gems of love, hope, creativity, awareness, appreciation, and abundance are stored. The vault is everywhere, but is often locked, or hidden away in the bowels of a deep, dark dungeon. People can hide it, but not forever. It’s treasures are for everyone.



So vital is the vault that throughout all existence countless “treasure maps” have been created to help others find it. Notable of these maps is that regardless of who made them, the X is always in the same spot, and the steps to reach said X are often few. In fact, many who know that the vault itself is love in the most untarnished way, need no maps at all, the steps become crystal clear to them. Sundered Vault is an application of the gems inside the vault, they are the focus. Amidst the turmoil, suffering, despair, sadness, and deception that runs rampant, it is worth appreciating and knowing that these very things, so harmful and destructive can not ultimately triumph, for they are limited.

Yet the contents of the vault are not. They are limitless, they are triumph. Our mission is to assist in opening the vault for all, through myriad ways. We begin as lines in the sand, simple but sure. These lines, which you see now, grow into steady paths, golden roads, and rainbow highways. They are the dream, the smile, the journey, and the destiny. At this moment, the lines you see speak of the enjoyment born of creativity. Created through sharing experiences with others, through creating for others, and honoring the creative joy that is limitless in all of us as we play, laugh, build, and dream. Let us remember those at all times.

"The stars themselves can never shine as bright as the person who has known true joy, and no sun can hope to match the person who holds true joy for all time."

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