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SV’s PRIMARCHS are American Born, but SUNDERED VAULT is GLOBALAN (yep, I think I just made that word up). Part of the SV mission is to globalize the world. By globalize, we do not mean to make every country or culture the same. Our only goal is for everyone to have FREEDOM and to be treated with KINDNESS. Every country is equal, and has infinite value. Every country is loved by the PRIMARCHS and by the Universe. All are beautiful.


KINDNESS in our FAMILY means Love, Non-Judgment, and Consideration. KINDNESS does not mean Politeness. In SV everyone is Loved, Honored, Trusted, and Supported. The basic creed of SV is KINDNESS. This is a friendly Universe and we make it even friendly every time we are kind to others. The World will be a World of KINDNESS.


SUNDERED VAULT has the grandest purpose of them all. To change the World into a world where there is only KINDNESS. Through our Fun and Heroic Entertainment, we are Shining Pillars of KINDNESS. Through our future innovative PROJECTS in systems, education, arts, technology, energy, travel, space, agriculture, medicine, spirituality, and RELIEF we will see the World emerge as a World of KINDNESS. The World will be Whole. Everyone with equal FREEDOM, all giving and receiving equal KINDNESS.

As a KIND World, everyone will have FREEDOM. Everyone will have access to (and freedom to choose) food, clothing, shelter, education, entertainment, work/play, travel, technology, opportunities, spirituality, health, fulfillment, and love.


SV is based on the belief that everyone is equal, and has infinite value. You are loved by the PRIMARCHS and by the Universe. You are alive to experience love your entire life, to be love and to be loved entirely. In the SV FAMILY everyone will treat everyone else with KINDNESS. If you cannot or do not agree with this, please do not join our family.

In this FAMILY you will find FREEDOM and PEACE that you may not have experienced in the Past. What you are experiencing is from the Future. In the Future there is only KINDNESS. Yep, with SV you get to live in the Future and help to usher the Future into the Present and share this Present with everyone! What a beautiful gift.

You are vital to this change. Yes! You can change the World. You are not little, insignificant, or unimportant. You have unlimited power and potential. You are a Super Hero! Come, join with us. Change the World! (And have fun doing it!)

^_^ Welcome Home. <--0--> (HUG)


Grover B.B.T. Mountain

Rainbow S. Mountain

"With those who are kind the sage is kind. With those who are not kind the sage is also kind. Because the way of Tao is kindness." —Lao Tsu

We often appreciate people for believing in, and realizing their dreams. How often do we do that for ourselves? Many people seem to have their dreams pushed away or belittled, or have arrogance shown towards them. Some will allow this to destroy their dreams, others will keep them half-present, and others will not be deterred. Imagine a time when no one had their dreams, goals, and aspirations belittled. We all want to create, achieve, and share. Imagine for yourselves that that time is this moment now, and think for a moment about your dreams. Imagine no one will give you needless resistance, and no one will tell you not to bother, and you realize that without those blockers, you can find numerous paths to your dreams, many crossing into each other. Disregarding the negative resistance is essentially how dreams are realized, and we should all do our best, every minute of every day to put our dreams to the forefront, and ignore baseless criticisms. All of us can realize our dreams, and they all matter, just like everyone of us matters. So please appreciate your dreams and hopes, just as much (or more), then those of others. It is your story you are living. Be true, be fun, be happy!

“If you are happiness, what can't you conquer?”

There is something deep and complex about nearly everything, often masked or locked away, other times obvious from the start. Sundered Vault is such an expression. It is many things on many different levels. It is a vault where the purest gems of love, hope, creativity, awareness, appreciation, and abundance are stored. The vault is everywhere, but is often locked, or hidden away in the bowels of a deep, dark dungeon. People can hide it, but not forever. It’s treasures are for everyone.



So vital is the vault that throughout all existence countless “treasure maps” have been created to help others find it. Notable of these maps is that regardless of who made them, the X is always in the same spot, and the steps to reach said X are often few. In fact, many who know that the vault itself is love in the most untarnished way, need no maps at all, the steps become crystal clear to them. Sundered Vault is an application of the gems inside the vault, they are the focus. Amidst the turmoil, suffering, despair, sadness, and deception that runs rampant, it is worth appreciating and knowing that these very things, so harmful and destructive can not ultimately triumph, for they are limited.

Yet the contents of the vault are not. They are limitless, they are triumph. Our mission is to assist in opening the vault for all, through myriad ways. We begin as lines in the sand, simple but sure. These lines, which you see now, grow into steady paths, golden roads, and rainbow highways. They are the dream, the smile, the journey, and the destiny. At this moment, the lines you see speak of the enjoyment born of creativity. Created through sharing experiences with others, through creating for others, and honoring the creative joy that is limitless in all of us as we play, laugh, build, and dream. Let us remember those at all times.

"The stars themselves can never shine as bright as the person who has known true joy, and no sun can hope to match the person who holds true joy for all time."

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