Novus Crusade

Novus Crusade

Welcome to Novus Crusade! This game uses the HHH system created by Sundered Vault. Half Hour Heroics is designed to be flexible, fast, and fun, allowing for customization and quick gameplay! Everything in the game is based around a single target number, and we use D6s! Build a force with points. Upgrade troops and their weapons with Traits, which add some neat bonuses and modifiers. Try different mission types, including blasting everything, holding an area, and wave defense! A great game to relax with your pals or introduce younger folks to tabletop wargaming! Novus Crusade is set in a techno-medieval future, filled with space knights, space gremz, and many other soon-to-be-released races! 


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Novus Crusade: Half Hour Heroics! Easy to Learn, Play Today!

Digital Download [PDF]

Rulebook 25 pg Full Color

18 Unique Minis (2 Armies)

Space Knights & Space Gremz

Scenery, Cover, Tokens



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