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Diminutive Pixel Party

Diminutive Pixel Party

If you like your diminutive friends a bit more bitted, or sprited, or pixelated, then you've come to the right place! Our Diminutive Pixel Party line is super charged fun! The miniatures found here provide a lot of  gaming goodness to suit your tabletop needs, be it roleplaying games or wargames! You can even use them as a boardgame proxy! With all the charm and fun that goes into each of our cutefully planned products, you can be sure that you always are in for a treat with Diminutive Pixel Party! With our recipe and ingredients, it can be no other way!

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Game Over Man! Star Marines vs Xenovores Minis!

Digital Download [PDF]

31+ paper miniatures in 28mm

Of High Adventure!

Digital Download [PDF]

30+ paper miniatures in 28mm

Pixel Party: Flames of Bit Bolt Action: British vs Germans Copy

Digital Download [PDF]

20 Unique Pixel Minis in 28mm and 15mm

10 German Grenadiers

Armored Car, PAK Gun

10 British Infantry

Cromwell Tank, Vickers Gun


Pixel Party: Flames of Bit Bolt Action: EASTERN FRONT - 28mm & 15mm Soviet and German Miniatures!

Digital Download [PDF]

30+ Unique Pieces in 28mm and 15mm

10 German Infantry

Panzer IV, MG 42 MMG Teams

10 Soviet Infantry

IS-2 Heavy Tank, MMG Teams

+ Scenery


Paper Bases for Paper Minis, FREE! Perfect for Sundered Vault and other paper miniature producers!

Need Bases for Battlelund? FREE! Enjoy!