Greetings, mighty ones! Many battles have raged across the Battlelund World this last year, and many heroic deeds and bitter defeats were recorded in Emerald Books of Battle! Yet a new threat is coming, and the armies of the Battlelund world have assembled to meet each other in combat, but also to combat this new cosmic horror descending down upon them! The Omen of Storms Upgrade will be released soon, and our website will begin to have more details even sooner! Beyond that, each of the armies wish for you to lead them, and are hoping to sign you on to their cause, they've even asked me to include a word from them, and I have obliged!

"We of the Empire are proud of our human heritage, as well as our staggering technoglical and magical prowess! With sharp blades, keen eyes, swift knights, and thundering cannon... and a dragon too, we've defended our lands honorably for centuries! With a prayer to Helanya on our lips, and the courage of old, we shall triumph over all things... especially if YOU lead us!" - Marcher Baroness Lucilla Rogelli of Volkstun (Helstern Empire)

"I wanna war more! I wanna war with you on my side! Let's take lands and stuff together!d If you need more sway than that, we have giants and mushroom friends!" - Warlord Gruppz of the Painted Reavers Clan (Orcs)

"We dwarves are the toughest lot of them all! Unbreakable in defense, and unyielding in the assault, we've always marched for the good of all, and will do so happily under your command! Princess Nixi has even given us permission to let you call upon the Earth Golems, just for you! So if you want the best armor in the all the world, some mighty boom, and a the strength of thunder and mountain, lead us!" - Relig the Rowdy, Blade Champion of the Taller Than Tall Sixth Legion (Dwarves)

"I need not speak many words, I'm sure our dark elven reputation of prestige and prowess has already reached your ears time, and time again. We only work with the best, so we are proposing you work with us. Now." - Velunara Blackweave, Mistress of Ruin (Dark Elves)

"We High Elves have long stood as a bastion and barrier against all darkness! You will never meet finer archers, nor such skilled warriors apart from my kin. We are born of radiance, and that is reflected in all we do, including asking you to stand with us, and lead us. The hosts of old have assembled, and while we wait for the Elder Queen to awake, we need those like you to join us!" Farathil Silverwind, Commander of the Night Owls (High Elves)

"Look, I'm terribly busy. The Dark Lord isn't quite himself these days.... ignore the poetry about flowers, he doesn't mean it. Now then, I am offering you the position of leading a vast host of demons, hobgoblins, fiends, and other frightening folks. This world belongs to the Dark Lord, and they've forgotten it. So... while I help him remember who he is, you go lead the armies and make the world remember, yes?" Kandmol, Fallen Wizard and Second of the Dark Lord (Dark Lord's Host)

"Exiled us? No! The great plague has been reborn, and the host is moving, the lands of night shall cover all. Hail the Rot, come plague with us!" Blurrp, Scabby Troll. (Nightlands

There, they've all got to speak a piece of their piece! So what say you, ready to join the Battlelund World and fight some 15mm fantasy mayhem with a huge dose of whimsy and cartoonish fun? If so, Battlelund is on SALE for $6.99 until the end of October in our SHOP. Thanks so much for making Battlelund what it is! This was our first game, and we're happy to make it grow more! It is a dream come true, and thank you for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us!

DDD Supreme Delight Bundle is Here!

There are some pretty amazing denizens lurking around this pocket of the Vault! And by denizens, I mean Diminutive Denizens Deluxe! The 28mm inhabitants of this realm are known for being happy to suit any and every game you want to play with them in! They LOVE being in any genre/universe you prefer, because it's their nature to like your preference! So then, if you need elves, dwarves, ninjas, cybercops, future supersoldiers, orcs, knights, and that kind of thing to add some whimsical Vault charm to your gaming, you have ventured to a very agreeable place. Enjoy!

This Bundle includes TEN DDD packs. 203 unique minis for one amazing price!

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Welcome to the Sundered Vault 2020 Catalog! Inside this Full Color 100 Page tome you'll find plenty of neat information and images of our various products and product lines! From our mass battle games, to our skirmish games, and to all of our miniature sets, as well as upcoming projects, this catalog is a fun, free look at all the exciting treasures you can find with the Sundered Vault! So why not jump in and spend some time in the wonderous Vault?

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Ultimate Rescue Force is the explosive new release from Sundered Vault! Forged from the wonderful themes of Saturday morning action cartoons and the glory days of 8/16 bit video games,
Ultimate Rescue Force is over the top in bombastic heroic action and color! With an army 54 Unique Action Pixel Figs (minis), fun and engaging rules, Agent stat cards, and all the scenery and Level Mats, you get everything except the dice in this barely contained explosive package! Check out these super features!

Awesome Agents: Now two Rescue Force Agents are the same! Each hero has special loadouts, tactical abilities, and perks! By themselves they are force to be reckoned with, but together they are Ultimate Rescue Force!

Play Solo...Or Not!: This is a cooperative game, where the hostile Fang forces have Scripting Patterns to manage them, and you, alone or with buddies, get to rescue the world in the combat boots of 8 elite Agents!

Varied Missions: Take your squad to various locales like thick jungles, urban scapes, and winter wonderlands! Eliminate Fang forces in Secure Ground missions, defuse bombs in Explosive Duty missions, and extract hostages in Extract missions! You can even combine types for Hybrid Missions!

Dangerous Foes: Rescue Force wouldn't be Ultimate if they weren't facing a seriously serious threat, right? The evil forces of Fang have all manner of specialist soldiers, from assault troopers, snipers, elite shocktroopers, cunning officers, machine gunners, defense experts, and even renegade ninja warriors!

GAME WORKINGS: The game is currently made for solo, Co-oP play, with a versus mode coming soon! It focuses utilizes D6s, and comes with the Level Mats (grid maps) to play, as well as scenery and minis! You'll choose a mission, choose Agents, each with special loadouts and abilities that enhance each other, and then move out! The enemy is placed in Groups, each controlled with scripting patterns that decide how they react to Agents! Some will stubbornly defend an area, while others rush out to find and eliminate you! While someone has to move them about and roll for them, this is easy and described how to roll for enemy attacks (and if they get to re-roll, use grenades, and the like!).  Each environment has different enemies associated with it, who play slightly different for variety and fun!

NOW: 3 SPECIAL THANK YOU BONUS FIGS (Concrete Conflict Amehlo and Mifune, a Fang Shadow proxy, and a Mini Copter!)

ALSO: You can get 2 MORE BONUS FIGS (SWAT Camila and the Fang Doomtrooper) by grabbing the FREE Recruitment Bonus here at WGV or DTRPG!

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You can also find Cartridge Edition in these Bundles:

Mega Ops Bundle Includes URF: Cartridge Edition and the complete Wave 1 Action Forces (9 Packs!), including the SVHQ Exclusives Pack 1 & 2!!

Ultra Mission Bundle Includes URF: Cartridge Edition and the Wave 1 Action Forces (Except the SHVQ Exclusives!) and Wave 2 Action Forces (14 Packs)!!! 

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Here's a handy guide for the current available Action Force sets for Ultimate Rescue Force! Cartridge Edition! If you love the game and collecting fully awesome, non-posable Action Pixel Figs, this guide lets you mark off the sets and is a happy throwback to the action figure guides we all love!

Thank you for your support and playing with us, it helps us make lots more fun for everyone!

Please enjoy!

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In case you don't remember who is in each pack, check out these beautiful pictures!

Wave 1 (Including SVHQ Exclusives!) as found in the Mega Ops Bundle!

Wave 1 (without Exclusives) as found in the Ultra Mission Bundle!

Wave 2, also included in the Ultra Mission Bundle!

You can also get each Action Force individually. Find them all in our SHOP!


Introducing Sundered Vault's latest game line, Half Hour Heroics, lead first by Novus Crusade! This system is designed to flexible, fast, and fun, allowing for customization and quick gameplay! Novus Crusade is set in a techno-medieval future, filled with space knights, space gremz, and many other soon-to-be-released races! The book is full color, and comes with the following goodies!

Setting Material on the Techno-Medieval future of Novus Crusade!

Complete Rules of Play, so easy you can play and have a blast today!

Some Sample Lists to use right away!

Lovely miniatures for all listed troops, and color variants for each Variant Faction! Or you can use your own!

Lovely tokens and markers for all orders and traits!



Everything in the game is based around a single target number, and we use D6s!

You build a force with points! Troops are single characters or squads!

You upgrade troops and their weapons with Traits, which add some neat bonuses and modifiers.

The profile for troops and weapons is very simple, and is based on how it modifies or penalizes the base target number!

Commanders can give orders that make things much cooler, or easier!

There are different mission types, including blasting everything, holding an area, and wave defense!

Variant Forces/Factions who have slight modifications to how the play, and the colored minis to play them!

A great game to relax with your pals or introduce younger folks to tabletop wargaming!

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Keep on the lookout for our other soon-to-be-released races!

Paper Bases for Paper Minis, FREE! Perfect for Sundered Vault and other paper miniature producers!

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