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The mighty orcs of the eastern lands of Gop are tall, mighty, and somewhat savage! Their homeland was destroyed through a series of calamities and catastrophes, which many of them blame on their human neighbors meddling with deeper and more destructive magics.

Lead by the great Warlord Guzz, the orc host has within it’s ranks goblins, giants, and a race of sentient mushrooms known as fungor, as well as exotic beasts from the east. Having migrated from their ruined realm, they now seek to conquer a new home and found a Greater Gop!

What comes in the Army?

Orcs includes four characters (generals, magic ones and heroes) two cavalry (goblin mounted archers and stinger cavalry), one artillery (catapult), two specials (mantigor and giant), and five infantry (archers, goblin crossbows, grunts, blademasters and troll brutes).

Scroll further to see pictures of a fielded army, further still to see pictures of individual units, and further still to check out the army lists with complete unit profiles.

A Fielded Army

The Units

Army List

Here is the Orcs army list. The same list appears in a prettier state in the Battlelund Rulebook. A printer friendly version is also included with the Rulebook.




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