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Once the greatest realm on all of Albrathia, Leafywood, home of the high elves, has slowly begun to decline, especially due to their endless war against the more numerous dark elves. A deeply magical people, the high elves also have a great connection with nature, overseen by Grove Mages, who were the original druids of the world.

While they can be considered haughty and overly proud, even snobby at times, the high elves are actually very kind, compassionate, and noble. They have fought for the world’s sake since time began, against numerous threats the modern world remembers nothing of. In battle the high elves have access to diverse magic users (including a dragon!), highly agile troops, and are amongst the most disciplined and brave soldiers ever to take the field.

What comes in the Army?

High Elves includes four characters (generals, magic ones and heroes) two cavalry (mounted moonbows and highborn knights), one artillery (wing bolter), two specials (varg matriarch and moon dragon), and five infantry (brightblades, palace guard, sunspears, starlight sentinels and moonbows).

Scroll further to see pictures of a fielded army, further still to see pictures of individual units, and further still to check out the army lists with complete unit profiles.

A Fielded Army

The Units


Army List

Here is the High Elves army list. The same list appears in a prettier state in the Battlelund Rulebook. A printer friendly version is also included with the Rulebook.




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