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The mightiest realm of humankind in the known world, the Helstern Empire is devoted to the worship of their deified founder, the warrior-leader Helanya of Sternbar! The splendid armies of the Empire are dressed in brilliant reds and whites, which is the heraldry of the capital, Old Sternbar.

An advanced nation that merges religion and science, Helstern commanders, called Marshals, can call upon devastating black powder weapons and artillery alongside majestic Realm Knights and staunch sword-wielding warriors!


What comes in the Army?

Helstern Empire includes six characters (generals, magic ones and heroes), two cavalry (pistoleers and realm knights), two artillery (cannon and mortar), one special (Solari Dragon Youth!) and five infantry (gunners, crossbows, swords, halberds and longblades).

Scroll further to see pictures of a fielded army, further still to see pictures of individual units, and further still to check out the army lists with complete unit profiles.

A Fielded Army

The Units

Army List

Here is the Helstern Empire army list. The same list appears in a prettier state in the Battlelund Rulebook. A printer friendly version is also included with the Rulebook.



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