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*These instructions were our original recommendation: Foam Board with optional printed base covers (as you can find in Battlelund Rulebook 1st edition). We now have available and recommend a Printable Paper Base. You can still check out the Foam Board instructions below to get a general idea of what Battlelund bases look like in size and layout.

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These instructions can also be found in the Battlelund Rulebook, available from our Shop on Wargame Vault.

Got an army? Ready to play? First you’ll need bases! We recommend paper backed foam board as base material. It is economical, readily available, and our miniatures look great on it (with or without base covers)! Foam board can be found in 20 x 30 inch sheets wherever you buy your office or school supplies.


  • Foam Board

  • Base Covers Sheets (included with every digital army purchase)

  • Cutting Mat

  • Hobby Knife

  • Ruler

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Wedge (for widening slots, explained in step 5)

1. Cut the foam board to desired base size

Cut the foam board with scissors. Or, using a metal ruler as a guide, cut the foam board with a hobby knife on a cutting mat. The full 20 x 30 inch sheet may be unwieldy at first, but you will soon have it cut down to size.

What size bases do you need? Infantry and Cavalry use 4 x 5 inch bases. Artillery uses 2.5 x 4 inches (a 4 x 5 inch base cut in half). Large use 1.5 x 1.5 inch bases. Characters use 1 x 1 inch bases. Base covers have slot guides.

[Don’t wanna use base covers? That’s fine! Your miniatures will look great on plain, white bases. Skip to step 5.]

2. Cut out base covers

Using scissors or a hobby knife on a cutting mat, cut out your base covers. Cut on the solid outline for each base cover. Do not cut the interior solid lines at this time.

3. Score and fold on dotted lines

Fold base covers along the dotted lines. Scoring helps (lightly cut along the dotted line with a hobby knife on a cutting mat).

4. Glue base cover to base

Place glue on the bottom of the base cover. Carefully center base on base cover and secure flaps in place.

5. Cut and widen slots in base

Slots are inset a half inch, multiple slots are spaced one inch apart, cut to fit the tab length. Base covers have guidelines printed on them.

Using a ruler and a hobby knife on a cutting mat, cut slots in your bases for your miniatures. Hobby knives make some pretty narrow slits that your miniatures are not likely to fit into. Widen the slots with a wedge. You can use any narrow object as a wedge (like a nail file, ruler edge, butter knife, etc).

6. Place on base

That’s it! Beautiful, no?

 Need to assemble your miniatures? Check out our miniature assembly article!

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