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Battlelund? What’s This?

A great question, with a super fun answer! Battlelund is a fantasy wargame that uses charming printable miniatures in the 15mm scale. A wargame is a mixture of strategy, theme, narrative, visuals, and cooperative fun through competitive gameplay.

You have armies of miniatures, and you command them to bash, smash, and thrash your opponent’s army. Or any other goal/objective decided beforehand. Battlelund has several noteworthy features, such as all the rules in a single core rulebook, a world setting (Albrathia!), a line of miniatures, and imagination! It’s part of a living, diverse hobby, and just awesome!

Choose Your Armies!

Check out each army page to see what you like! It’s okay to like them all. We do! We think they are all amazing and beautiful. [Helstern Empire, Orcs, High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Dark Lord's Host]

Print your miniatures

Have a printer? Awesome! You can buy digital army sheets in our SHOP at Wargame Vault to print at home.

Assemble your miniatures, make your bases. Get ready to play!


Before you can play, you will need to read the rules. These are in our lovely Rulebook, available from our Shop at Wargame Vault. You can also get a quick overview of the rules, setting and armies in our lovely Game Sampler, also available from our Shop at Wargame Vault.

Also, if you are interested in reading a sample of play, check out the Battle Report.

What You Need to Play

  • playing space of about 4 feet by 4 feet

  • an army for yourself

  • opponent with an army

  • plenty of six-sided dice

  • a measuring device

  • counters (tokens, beads or coins, to mark damage, morale, buffs and debfuffs)

  • Reference Sheets

The Reference Sheets include a quick reference of the rules, order of play and a complete list of Equipment, Orders, Spells and Traits, and the Army Lists–all of which you will need to reference during the game. These are included in the back of the Rulebook and in a printer friendly file that comes with your Rulebook. We find having printed versions to be super useful during play.

Army Composition–Make Your Army!

Included in the Rulebook are sample 400 point Armies (two for each Army). Below, we are showcasing the sample armies for the Dark Lord’s Host. In the photo is a shadow wraith, razor hobs, and you can just make out the top of the heads of some ogre marauders.

The sample armies are totally playable and awesomely fun. But… You can also compose your own army! Which is sooooo much fun! With 14 to 16 units in each army (plus spells!) there are limitless possibilities to what you can field!


Now you begin playing! Here is where you not only test out your army composition against that of your opponents, but you also experience the joy of friendly gaming and sportsmanship! Battlelund has three particular rules that are never to be broken, which are “be kind, be fair, and have fun!”.

No matter what the dice say, no matter how bad, or well, your forces are doing, if the above three rules are followed, you can’t actually lose, or play poorly. The experience itself, beginning to end, is the true win! So then, go out and enjoy!

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