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Shadowmurk, realm of the Dark Lord, is the most volatile, magically unstable realm on Albrathia. The land is corrupted and vile, and evil dwells in each and every corner. While the Dark Lord is no longer quite himself, his chiefest servant, the fallen wizard Kandmol, has raised a new army.

An army filled with ogres, hobgoblins, and the demonic madara race, who were freed from the Realm of Ruin by the Dark Lord himself and now willingly serve him for all time. Fiercely loyal to their master’s cause, the Dark Lord’s Host has much to offer those who lead them in the conquest of the free world. Their troops boast excellent fighting and shooting abilities, terrifying monsters with reactive abilities, and a wide variety of spell choices when it comes to magic. In addition, some of Battlelund’s most powerful heroes are part of the Host in the form of the Shadow Wraith and Fallen Wizard!

What comes in the Army?

Dark Lord's Host includes six characters (generals, magic ones and heroes) one cavalry (murk riders), two artillery (hobapult and dread bolter), two specials (eye fiend and murkadon), and five infantry (hob punishers, madara bowsingers, razor hobs, madara butchers and ogre marauders).

Scroll further to see pictures of a fielded army, further still to see pictures of individual units, and further still to check out the army lists with complete unit profiles.

A Fielded Army

The Units

Army List

Here is the Dark Lord's Host army list. The same list appears in a prettier state in the Battlelund Rulebook. A printer friendly version is also included with the Rulebook.



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