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From the cold lands of Garthrond come the dark elves, a sinister people bent on enslaving and dominating all of Albrathia. Once a race of fey spirits, the dark elves were given physical form by an entity known as the Profound Darkness, who instilled in them great cruelty, pure malice, and superior intelligence.

Ruled over by the haughty Queen Moranna, the dark elves have recently begun the final stages of their great war against the high elves, a war that has lasted for thousands of years. In battle the dark elves have many wicked armaments and means to deal destruction to their foes, such as poisoned weapons, magically-infused arrows, powerful sorcery, and even summoned demons! The wise fear them, the foolish die!

What comes in the Army?

Dark Elves includes four characters (generals, magic ones and heroes) two cavalry (dusk riders and ruin knights), one artillery (doom bolter), two specials (noxian dragon and ruin demon), and five infantry (gloombows, darkblades, shadowguard, venom spears and reaping bows).

Scroll further to see pictures of a fielded army, further still to see pictures of individual units, and further still to check out the army lists with complete unit profiles.

A Fielded Army

The Units


Army List

Here is the Dark Elves army list. The same list appears in a prettier state in the Battlelund Rulebook. A printer friendly version is also included with the Rulebook.




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