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Hey everyone! Battlelund's expansion, Omen of Storms, has been released! It's packed with new units, heroes, game modes, terrain, spells, magic items, weapons, armor, various profile and weapon changes, lots of fun new lore. We hope everyone has super fun with it, and we're excited and grateful to be able to make it and release it. Battlelund keeps growing 😀 Thank you all for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us!

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Greetings, mighty ones! Many battles have raged across the Battlelund World this last year, and many heroic deeds and bitter defeats were recorded in Emerald Books of Battle! Yet a new threat is coming, and the armies of the Battlelund world have assembled to meet each other in combat, but also to combat this new cosmic horror descending down upon them! The Omen of Storms Upgrade will be released soon, and our website will begin to have more details even sooner! Beyond that, each of the armies wish for you to lead them, and are hoping to sign you on to their cause, they've even asked me to include a word from them, and I have obliged!

"We of the Empire are proud of our human heritage, as well as our staggering technoglical and magical prowess! With sharp blades, keen eyes, swift knights, and thundering cannon... and a dragon too, we've defended our lands honorably for centuries! With a prayer to Helanya on our lips, and the courage of old, we shall triumph over all things... especially if YOU lead us!" - Marcher Baroness Lucilla Rogelli of Volkstun (Helstern Empire)

"I wanna war more! I wanna war with you on my side! Let's take lands and stuff together!d If you need more sway than that, we have giants and mushroom friends!" - Warlord Gruppz of the Painted Reavers Clan (Orcs)

"We dwarves are the toughest lot of them all! Unbreakable in defense, and unyielding in the assault, we've always marched for the good of all, and will do so happily under your command! Princess Nixi has even given us permission to let you call upon the Earth Golems, just for you! So if you want the best armor in the all the world, some mighty boom, and a the strength of thunder and mountain, lead us!" - Relig the Rowdy, Blade Champion of the Taller Than Tall Sixth Legion (Dwarves)

"I need not speak many words, I'm sure our dark elven reputation of prestige and prowess has already reached your ears time, and time again. We only work with the best, so we are proposing you work with us. Now." - Velunara Blackweave, Mistress of Ruin (Dark Elves)

"We High Elves have long stood as a bastion and barrier against all darkness! You will never meet finer archers, nor such skilled warriors apart from my kin. We are born of radiance, and that is reflected in all we do, including asking you to stand with us, and lead us. The hosts of old have assembled, and while we wait for the Elder Queen to awake, we need those like you to join us!" Farathil Silverwind, Commander of the Night Owls (High Elves)

"Look, I'm terribly busy. The Dark Lord isn't quite himself these days.... ignore the poetry about flowers, he doesn't mean it. Now then, I am offering you the position of leading a vast host of demons, hobgoblins, fiends, and other frightening folks. This world belongs to the Dark Lord, and they've forgotten it. So... while I help him remember who he is, you go lead the armies and make the world remember, yes?" Kandmol, Fallen Wizard and Second of the Dark Lord (Dark Lord's Host)

"Exiled us? No! The great plague has been reborn, and the host is moving, the lands of night shall cover all. Hail the Rot, come plague with us!" Blurrp, Scabby Troll. (Nightlands

There, they've all got to speak a piece of their piece! So what say you, ready to join the Battlelund World and fight some 15mm fantasy mayhem with a huge dose of whimsy and cartoonish fun? If so, Battlelund is on SALE for $6.99 until the end of October in our SHOP. Thanks so much for making Battlelund what it is! This was our first game, and we're happy to make it grow more! It is a dream come true, and thank you for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us!

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Nightlanders is the first expanded army for Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame! This all new update includes all of the 15mm mini mayhem people have come to love, as well as the rules to play these new forces in Battlelund games! These new villains are pretty chaotic and slimy, if you know what I mean!



"North of the Empire lies the Nightlands, a place of swamps, marshes, and oozing valleys. Here the servants of the Endless Rot, an entity from the Realm of Ruin, have dwelled for centuries. These former exiles of the Empire are now dedicated to their dark deity, and the destruction of their oppressive ancestors. With powerful close combat, spells, and monstrosities amongst them, what foe can truly triumph? Their time is now. The sickness runs rampant."

This grand set of fantastic, adorable 15mm printable warriors represent the new Nightlands forces of the Battlelund World, now playable in Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame. Inside this set are all the units AND their army lists, formatted for ease of getting into the game! As well as a separate document with base coverings and scenery goodies! Let's take a peak of all that's included, shall we?

Heroes: The Everblight, Plague Sorcerer, Wrathblade

Specials: Scabby Troll, Foulspore Cannons

Units: Blightsworn Axes, Blightsworn Archers, Blight Knights, Heralds of Decay, Blightrunners

Extra: Base Covers, Various Trees and Bushes

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Learn more about Battlelund here, get started! This game will only bring you smiles and fun!

Some major changes are swirling in Battlelund, such as massive storms of arcane fury raging all across Albrathia! This, you will learn, is part of the Three Omens, signs heralding the coming of Yoggy, an ancient cosmic terror that is seeking to subdue Albrathia under it's billion eye gaze! Thankfully for the folks on Albrathia, only the first Omen, the Omen of Storms is underway, so there is time. Time for what? To get bashy and smashy in ever more fun, creative, and amazing ways! Battlelund: Omen of Storms is fast approaching!

What is Battlelund: Omen of Storms? It is Battlelund's first expansion! It adds more 15mm mayhem to the party with plenty of neat features! Let's take a brief look at some of them, shall we? Great! An exciting feature for most gaming expansions are new additions to army rosters, and Omen of Storms is delivering here! Each of the six available armies are getting a new hero, and a new specialized unit! The new hero is super nifty besides having really cool abilities and statistics, they are also allowed to be Declared General, meaning they can lead your army! Yay! With Omen of Storms there will be three Declared General choices per army!

The specialized unit fulfills characterful army-flavored battlefield roles that reflect the lore of the setting and army, bringing some cool tricks and tactics, such as the new Orcs unit, Goblin Saboteurs. These little cuties are pretty cool as they are pretty good in Close Combat, are super fast, have a new Trait that allows them to be stealthy and evasive, and to top it off, can pull off special Sabotage rolls that allow them to either disarm opponents (lowering offensive output), dismantle war engines (no firing now!), setting cavalry traps (ouch!!!), or throwing surprise bombs (boom!). Sounds cool, right? Yup, and every army is getting something similar!

The game will also get customization upgrades, like weapons, armor, and items! Now characters and even units can pick up (for points!) mighty upgrades! These are pretty role specific, and serve a focused purpose such as weapons that really, really pump out Wounds, or armor that reflects magic spells within a certain radius around wearer, and banners and marching relics that boost a unit's performance! These add another great layer to Battlelund, and expand the setting too, giving more flavor to all factions!

Spells are also getting upgraded! Each school is getting new spells, and a new school is being added, Shatter Lore. This is all about corruption and destruction, so you can expect to find it's user's amongst the Dark Lord's Host, Dark Elves, and Orcs (though only certain shamans feel this necessary). Additional armies are soon to be introduced as well, who will definitely be favoring this school of magic, so stay tuned for more on that as well!

Gameplay mechanics and scenarios are getting in on this party too! We've added some neat new enviromental hazards and rewards, new objectives, as well as multiple objectives per side, with each having different goals to meet! There is a lot of emphasis placed on the narrative of the game being played, and these features enhance this desire, which is always awesome!

Then the lore itself! The world is undergoing some big changes, a tempest of terror and hope! The super bad Yoggy coming, and the Pale Lady, an ancient being from Albrathia's past has returned and has taken up with the Dark Lord's Host. She has a history with Yoggy, and has her own dreams of conquest of Albrathia. The lore is getting expanded upon, some new history is given, current events are detailed more, and the state of things in the era that games are meant to reflect is all around, much richer!

This is a lot of cool stuff! We're excited about this storm, and we hope you are too! It's coming super soon, so stay tuned and get ready!

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