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URF Battlezone Teaser!

Hello everyone! Just wanting to share some cool news about an upcoming iteration of Ultimate Rescue Force! Releasing soon will be Ultimate Rescue Force: Battlezone, not a complete reboot, as many elements will remain the same, at least thematically. Rather Battlezone should be looked at as a reinterpretation of sorts. It moves outside of the lovely realm of sprites and pixel minis, to be more akin to more stylized animated series and comics. The story found within Cartridge Edition will be expanded upon with more details filled in here and there, and the "not a real tv-show" trivia that so many people loved is now being taken to another level, and will include even more references and Easter eggs for you all to spot! Another really neat thing is that we are able to adjust the "opening cast" of characters to include some of the original 8 that released in Cartridge Edition, and bring in some completely new playable heroes that were not even in Cartridge Edition's various Action Forces! And get this, all of those Action Force characters, they are also going to find there way into Battlezone! So there will be familiar faces and new faces, all of them awesome faces! So the GI-Joe-like aspect, or theme that inspired much of Ultimate Rescue Force as a series, will carry over to Battlezone in exciting, cool ways!

Ultimate Rescue Force: Battlezone will also bring with it a new gameplay experience, and this is good news because Battlezone is intended to do things different than Cartridge Edition in the first place, hence why we made it! Battlezone will not be based around Level Mat grids for movement, and vehicles will play a new, fun, and over-the-top role in the game as well (think something along the lines of the Metal Slug series). The game will still be objective-based, such as defusing bombs and rescuing hostages, stopping Fang's nefarious takeovers of areas and doomsday plans. You know, that kind of stuff. Fang forces will also be playable full-time! They'll have plenty of the same kind of troops you experienced in Cartridge Edition, as well as their villain characters. The game will include scenery and props as well. The Campaign Mode will also become a fun interaction between the Rescue Force and Fang players now, as they work together to create an entire Season of the show through playing games, and using the results of each game to tell the story! Weapons, combat, and the like are all undergoing some changes to create this iteration, including a new Drama Dice mechanic that adds some fun variety to your episodes/games! So stay tuned, because Ultimate Rescue Force: Battlezone enters the fray before Christmas!

Thank you for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us!

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