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Welcome to Combatants: Vietnam - a very large resource of 15mm miniatures and terrain suitable for wargaming, skirmish gaming, and even roleplaying! This first epic entry into our Combatants line focuses upon the Vietnam War, and includes 83 unique pieces in all, with sheets arranged to give you the best mix of minis you might need for gaming and convenience! This set includes infantry and vehicle forces for the United States of America, and the Viet Cong. It also includes civilians and terrain that can make jungles, farming villages, and more!


United States Infantry armed with the following - M16 Rifles, M79 Grenade Launchers M60 machine guns, and a radio operator.

United States Special Forces armed with the following - M16 Rifles, Stoner 63 machine guns, LAW, Grease Guns, and shotguns.

United States Helicopters represented are the AH-1 Hueycobra, OH-6A Loach, and the UH-1 Slick.

United States Armored Vehicles represented are the M113 APC, the M551 Sheridan Tank, M48 Patton Tank.

Viet Cong Infantry armed with AK-47 rifles, RPD machine guns, RPG, SVD Dragunov rifle, 60mm mortar.

Viet Cong Vehicles are represented by the Soviet Cargo Truck.

Civilians of Vietnam going about their business.

Terrain that represents palm trees, stones, growth, tunnel entrances, food stores, rice paddies of differing size, American fortifications, walls, and hooches of differing size.

This large set will defintely be useful for gamers of, or those looking to get into, wargaming the Vietnam War. 

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Welcome to Modern Martial Arts Flix! This is a miniatures set for use in tabletop games, such as roleplaying or skirmish games! These miniatures are meant to represent some of the typical characters from martial arts movies, from the 70s to the now! This set is infused with humor and light-hearted fun, as the ninjas are brightly dressed as per some well-known ninja movies... Anyhow, we have several pop culture-themed characters in here, which I'm sure you'll notice right away! With plenty of heroes to choose from, an army of ninjas and gangsters, its time to do some kung fu fighting! See the preview to get a looksy! Thank you for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us! Have tons of fun, you deserve it!

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Introducing MORE Pixel Party's Flames of Bit Bolt Action! Available Now!

This line of retro-stylized miniatures are super cool for World War 2 enthusiasts and gamers, and those who want to be either or both! Joining the original set found HERE, are some neat original pixel/sprite minis that work wonders with all the really awesome, popular WW2 Systems! If you play ANY WW2 wargame, or want to, this is one way you can do it with ease and relaxation. Minis are taken care of! You'll find both German and Soviets of the Eastern Front supplied here, with the kind of variety one gets in army box sets! Oh, AND they come in both 15mm AND 28mm for your preference of power! This time around we've included some pixel terrain for your pleasure too! You'll get some general purpose scenery, and some winter stuff too! Yay!

Alright, so with over 30 unique pieces, what is included on the sheets?


Infantry Squads (Dudes with GEW 43, MP40, Kar98k, KAR Sniper, Officer)
Panzer IV Tank
MG 42 MMG Teams


Infantry Squads (Dudes with Mosin-Nagant M1891/30, PPSh-41, Tokarev SVT-40, DP27 LMG, Sniper, Officer)
IS-2 Heavy Tank
Maxim MMG Teams


Various City Rubble and Wreckage!

Various Green Foliage and the Like!

Various Winter Foliage and the Like!

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DDD Supreme Delight Bundle is Here!

There are some pretty amazing denizens lurking around this pocket of the Vault! And by denizens, I mean Diminutive Denizens Deluxe! The 28mm inhabitants of this realm are known for being happy to suit any and every game you want to play with them in! They LOVE being in any genre/universe you prefer, because it's their nature to like your preference! So then, if you need elves, dwarves, ninjas, cybercops, future supersoldiers, orcs, knights, and that kind of thing to add some whimsical Vault charm to your gaming, you have ventured to a very agreeable place. Enjoy!

This Bundle includes TEN DDD packs. 203 unique minis for one amazing price!

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It's pixel time! If you're a fan of the colorful team-based action heroes of both Japanese and US tv shows, where the outfits are awesome, the villains plentiful, and character, humor, and action are abundant, then this pack is for you! Made for those who play roleplaying games based on Tokusatsu/Henshin hero shows and would love some charming miniatures the enhance their game! These are fun and can totally be used for some mighty tabletop wargaming too! 


Various colored Rangers, Bowlies (Bad Guy Grunts), Zogglers (Bad Guy Grunts) and six Monsters of the Week including the long awaited Pumpking and Bullet Head!


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Zogs and more Pixel Rangers Play Force Coming SOON!

Welcome to Modern Warfare Pixelized! Bringing a unique look to our easy to use and affordable minis, we're releasing a line of Modern Warfare, with packs that focus on the infantry forces and on the mechanized forces of each nation! You'll get Unique Minis that have duplicates on the sheets for ease! You will also get the minis in BOTH 28mm and 15mm varieties, to suit whatever gaming system or rules you're using! Enjoy, and happy gaming!

The following packs are available now.

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