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Modern Warfare - Russian Mechanized 28mm & 15mm - Pixelized!

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Welcome to Modern Warfare Pixelized! Bringing a unique look to our easy to use and affordable minis, we're releasing a line of Modern Warfare, and this pack focuses on the mechanized vehicles of Russia! You'll get 8 Unique Minis that have some duplicates on the sheets for ease! You will also get the minis in BOTH 28mm and 15mm varieties, to suit whatever gaming system or rules you're using! The minis in this pack include Russian T-14 Armata, BMPT Terminator, Kamaz Typhoon, MI-24V Hind, and MORE! Enjoy, and happy gaming! Image has a sampling of the minis!

P.S. Let us know what system you use for modern wargames, and what nation you'd like us to do!


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Contents 24 Unique Minis in 28mm &15mm
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