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Modern Martials Arts Flix: 18 Mighty Minis

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Welcome to Modern Martial Arts Flix! This is a miniatures set for use in tabletop games, such as roleplaying or skirmish games! These miniatures are meant to represent some of the typical characters from martial arts movies, from the 70s to the now! This set is infused with humor and light-hearted fun, as the ninjas are brightly dressed as per some well-known ninja movies... Anyhow, we have several pop culture-themed characters in here, which I'm sure you'll notice right away! With plenty of heroes to choose from, an army of ninjas and gangsters, its time to do some kung fu fighting! See the preview to get a looksy! Thank you for dreaming, sharing, and playing with us! Have tons of fun, you deserve it!

Thank you for playing with us!

Contents 18 Unique Martial Arts Minis
Contents in 28mm
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