Welcome to this exciting Diminutive Denizens Miniatures Pack! Inside you'll find 23 whimsical, printable miniatures featuring some noble, chivalrous humans. These are all-purpose fantasy miniatures, that can be used for roleplayingwargaming, or anything else! Being humans, they're all in 28mm. Check out the preview!

CONTENTS (Cutetents?)

Knight Commander (Female), Marcher Baron (Male), Unbroken Champion (Female), Azure Wizard (Male), Mountain Gryphon (Female), Mounted Knight (Female), Regal Crossbows (Males and Females), Regal Engineer (Female), Regal Spotter (Male), Regal Sergeant (Female), Regal Sword Troop (Males and Females), Regal Halberd Troop (Males and Females), Winged Quarreler (Light Ballista)

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