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Game Over Man! (28mm Sci-Fi Bughunt Cooperative or Solo Skirmish)

Game Over Man! (28mm Sci-Fi Bughunt Cooperative or Solo Skirmish)

Interested in playing something either solo, or cooperatively with pals? Like games with simple rules that cover a very well-realized theme/genre? Check out Game Over Man! Here, in this loving homage to poorly lit, atmospheric science fiction, you'll take command of a Marine Strike Team during a Xenovore incident. What's a Xenovore? Its a frightening space alien, of course! The game is made to evoke a sense of spooky uncertainty, but is always fair enough to make sure you and your marines can do the job! Check it out, and become the ultimate dice-rolling marine master! State of the dice-rolling art.

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Game Over Man! A Solo Skirmish Game of Dark Atmospheric Sci-Fi...cute fun!

Digital Download [PDF]

Rulebook 50 pg Full Color

40+ Unique Minis

Star Marines & Xenovores

+ Printer Friendly Rules


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