URF! Wave 2: Action Force 7: Dynamite and Steelwind

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It's Ultimate Rescue Force! Action Squad!

Ultimate Rescue Force just got MORE bombastic with Action Force! Fight the forces of Fang with brand new Agents, or face even more ultimate challenges with new Fang heroes! Inside every Action Force pack you'll get 2 awesome and fully non-posable Action Pixel Figs representing heroic Rescue Force Agents or wicked Fang Heroes! Each comes with a personal bio sheet, a combat-ready Stat Card detailing all weapon loadouts, profile, and Tactical Abilities so you can plug them in and enhance your Ultimate Rescue Force! Cartridge Edition NOW!

Note: This is a Fang Pack with new adversaries to enhance the challenge factor of your games!

 2nd Wave Pack 7 includes Dynamite and Steelwind

Dynamite is an explosive new Fang character and villain who will add some very difficult challenges to your missions. She can blow up cover your Agents would love to use, and increases the grenade-lobbing skills of Fang troops nearby her. She's a friend of Tin Man, and a bitter enemy of Rescue Force's Axel. Rumor says she's the one who captured Wingman... 

A dangerous and mysterious ninja who serves Fang without question, and seems to have a grudge against the world. It seems Hanzo of Rescue Force knows more than he lets on about Steelwind, but for now all that is certain is that Steelwind adds some serious CQC challenge to your game and is an exceptional threat!


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Thank you for playing with us!

Contents 2 Unique Minis
Contents Rescue Agent Bios
Contents Rescue Agent Stat Cards
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