URF! Wave 2: Action Force 5: Rainbow and Grover

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It's Ultimate Rescue Force! Action Squad!

Ultimate Rescue Force just got MORE bombastic with Action Force! Fight the forces of Fang with brand new Agents, or face even more ultimate challenges with new Fang heroes! Inside every Action Force pack you'll get 2 awesome and fully non-posable Action Pixel Figs representing heroic Rescue Force Agents or wicked Fang Heroes! Each comes with a personal bio sheet, a combat-ready Stat Card detailing all weapon loadouts, profile, and Tactical Abilities so you can plug them in and enhance your Ultimate Rescue Force! Cartridge Edition NOW!

2nd Wave Pack 4 includes Rainbow and Grover

Rainbow isn't your average game developer, no, she's secretly a Rescue Force Agent! Capable of laying down serious suppressing fire, and rarely having the need to consume Extra Clips, per game rules, Rainbow is not only super fighty, but she's super sturdy too! A great pick for adding firepower to your team, Rainbow can obliterate FANG with ease, all before heading home to a quiet life of game making! 

Cheerful as can be, Grover is great in an assault, but is a skilled healer as well! Always willing to help, you can hardly find this Agent without his favorite bubble gum, and in fact chewing it during combat gives him some pretty neat buffs! Grover is a super support buddy, meaning his presence can help win with ease!


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Thank you for playing with us!

Contents 2 Unique Minis
Contents Rescue Agent Bios
Contents Rescue Agent Stat Cards
File Type PDF
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