SV Paper Bases for Battlelund

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Introducing Sundered Vault's Fabulous Freesource Fort Paper Bases for Battlelund!

If you're wanting to get into Battlelund the Paper Wargame, but were in a bit of a bind thinking about basing, and just how to find, or make, super reliable and sturdy holdings for your freshly printed figures, then look no further! Sundered Vault's Printable Mini Bases work wonders for barrages of paper minis! Easy to assemble, this free base construction kit allows for you to print your own paper bases instead of using foam boardPerfect for Battlelund by Sundered Vault! Thanks for playing with us!

Infantry, cavalry, artillery, characters and large! We've got all your paper bases here!

Absolutely free and made especially for our Battlelund Paper Wargame line!

Thank you for playing with us!

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