Pixel Rangers Play Force - Pack 1

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It's pixel time! If you're a fan of the colorful team-based action heroes of both Japanese and US tv shows, where the outfits are awesome, the villains plentiful, and character, humor, and action are abundant, then this pack is for you! Made for those who play roleplaying games based on Tokusatsu/Henshin hero shows and would love some charming miniatures the enhance their game! These are fun and can totally be used for some mighty tabletop wargaming too! 


Red Ranger

Pink Ranger

Blue Ranger

Orange Ranger

Violet Ranger

Black Ranger

Yellow Ranger

Green Ranger

Bowlies (Bad Guy Grunts duplicated with 4 variants)

Zogglers (Bad Guy Grunts duplicated with 4 variants)

Vortax (Monster of the Week!)

Lazera (Monster of the Week!)

Clawmanger (Monster of the Week!)

Pumpking (Monster of the Week!)

Bullet Head (Monster of the Week!)

Skulltrigger (Monster of the Week!)


Thank you for playing with us!


Contents 22 Unique Pixel Ranger Minis in 28mm
File Type PDF
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