Novus Crusade Supplements: Renegade Knights

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This Product is an expansion and requires the original NOVUS CRUSADE for complete enjoyment!

THE NOVUS CRUSADE just got more frightening! Sundered Vault presents RENEGADE KNIGHTSThis is an ARMY SUPPLEMENT to the original NOVUS CRUSADEThe original is required to make the most use of this product! If you are ready for more techno-medieval warfare in the far future, and want more things to do with your Space Knights and Space Gremz, then add the Renegade Knights into the fray!

MORE setting material on the Techno-Medieval future of Novus Crusade!

1 NEW ARMY complete with lovely miniatures, with 3 color variants! 

*FIGHT as the Renegade Knights, servants of the treachorous Maldor the Undying, champions of Black Chivalry with wicked combat skills to show for it. 

NEW STRATEGIC AND TACTICAL CHOICES! With new equipment, Orders, and armaments, the Renegade Knights bring something new to the game!

NEW TERRAIN & SCENERY with all kinds of shadowy, arcane bits that represent a ritual chamber of the Renegade Knights that can be incorporated dramatically with any all other Novus Crusade scenery pieces released thus far!

INFAMOUS BATTLES described to bring further atmosphere to the techo-medieval conquests won by the Renegade Knights!


Find out more about NOVUS CRUSADE!

Thank you for playing with us!

Contents 3 Variant Colors + Bases
Contents Scenery
Contents Expansion Supplement 9 pg Full Color
Contents 9 Unique Renegade Minis (1 Army)
File Type PDF
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