Green Vs. Tan - Fury Farm Battleset

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Welcome to Green Vs. Tan: Fury Farm Battleset! This product is for the original Green Vs. Tan: Where Dingos Dare skirmish game, and is essentially two things. First, its a terrain pack to make your tabletop a bit more green, and/or a bit more tan, to aid in playing more amusingly immersive games. It serves to represent either a lovely little farmhouse in either Tanland or Greenland, complete with tractors, wells, haystacks, plenty of trees, supply crates, and what's that? TWO NEW CHARACTERS? Why yes! After all, no Fury Farm Battleset is ever complete with a set of new characters to send into battle alongside your Green Guard and Tanzer Elite veterans!

For the second detail of what this product is, you'll find the agreeable Sergeant “Shooty” Sean representing the Green Guard, a rather light-footed fellow who is well known for his proficiency with the submachine gun. A good chap for all the sticky, tough jobs, Sean is also quite a card-player and is known for enjoying any and all types of Green Tea. Get it? Green tea! And for the Tanzer Elite we have the mysterious, gas-mask wearing Sergeant “Shadowy” Sylvia, one of the few Tanzer Elite soldiers who made it through the Battle of Tanky Meadows and the Retreat Through Popsy Pass with all of her bits intact! Quiet, evasive, and somewhat eerie, she is known to other Tanzer Elite troops as a bit of a lone wolf, yet commands great respect due to her distinguished military career. Oh, and despite the rumors circulating amongst the Tan forces, she is not Sergeant "Blast" Belle, who also survived both Tanky Meadows and Popsy Pass, has many of the same combat distinctions and honors, and also hails from Tanzington. 


TERRAIN COMES IN GREEN & TAN VARIANTS (Minor Variations & Instructions)



Note: This product is meant for the original Green Vs. Tan: Where Dingos Dare game! You can find it HERE!

Contents 16 Explosive Terrain Pieces
Contents 2 New Sergeant Characters
File Type PDF
Pages 22 pg Full Color
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