Green Vs. Tan - Complete Skirmish Game and Minis! Easy To Learn and Play Today!

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Welcome to Green Vs. Tan: Where Dingo's Dare! An exciting new, easy to learn skirmish game that the whole family can enjoy! Utilizing a fluid, fun dynamic of mechanics that are very straightforward and simple, this game can be read and played like a pro today! The game also includes print and play minis and objectives for your convenience! All models are Characters, with names and unique stats and traits, and all are willing to do their part, either for the Green Guard, or the Tanzer Elite! A humorous game? Sure. A fun game? You bet. Everything you need is here! Look forward to future updates and additions!

Contents 12 Unique Character Minis in 54mm
Contents +Character Stat Cards
Contents +Objectives
File Type PDF
Pages 30 pg Full Color Rulebook
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