Game Over Man! A Solo Skirmish Game of Dark Atmospheric Sci-Fi...cute fun!


WELCOME TO GAME OVER MAN! the game of dark, atmospheric science fiction gaming, made for SOLO and COOPERATIVE PLAY! In this game you'll be tasked with creating a Marine Strike Team, and heading out on one of 4 different Situation types! These are missions that range from your typical bughunt, to escorting scientists who need to gather research, protecting engineers as they repair equipment, or hurrying to get to the APC after things went really bad! The game is very easy to play, and has a fun element of surprise, as the Xenovores (our sneaky alien creatures), are not visible on the playing field UNTIL they are detected by a device. 

The game is complete with all the rules, and print-and-play miniatures described in the text! You'll also get some objective markers and scenery too! For your convience, a printer-friendly version of the rules is also included as a separate file! The game is meant to be a neat way to play solo games, or have a fun thing to try out at a gathering or party! It is simple, tweakable, and themed to the darkly lit, atmospheric science fiction genre! So, if that sounds like fun to you, get ready to rock'n'roll marine! Its Game Over Man! 


Thank you for playing with us!

Contents Rulebook 50 pg Full Color
Contents 40+ Unique Minis
Contents Star Marines & Xenovores
File Type PDF
File Type Complete Game
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