Frozen City Forces - Wizards & Soldiers - 50 unique Minis for Frostgrave and More!

Welcome to the Frozen City! Now you can do battle there and hunt for treasures untold with these new pixel party miniatures the cover many of the Wizards and Soldier types found in the ruins of that cold place, with more on the way! This pack comes with 50 wonderfully characterful sprite-based miniatures that are compatible with FROSTGRAVE and other fantasy tabletop games! So if you are looking to enter the Frozen City, and want or need more forces, this pack is explosively made for you! See images!

Pack Includes these Wizards: Chronomancer, Elementalist, Illusionist, Enchanter, Necromancer

Pack Includes these Soldiers: Knights, Barbarians, Templars, Thieves, Thugs, Archers, Treasure Hunters, Apothecaries

Infantrymen, Men At Arms, Marksmen, Crossbowmen, and Rangers!


Contents 50 paper miniatures in 28mm
File Type PDF
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