Diminutive Denizens Deluxe: Dark Alliance Minis Pack

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Welcome to this exciting Diminutive Denizens Miniatures Pack! Inside you'll find 22 whimsical, printable miniatures featuring a rather sinister, albeit adorable, alliance of bad guys and gals! These are all-purpose fantasy miniatures, that can be used for roleplayingwargaming, or anything else! Nearly every baddie included is around 28mm. Check out the preview!

CONTENTS (Cutetents?)

Scything Bow (Male and Female)

Elementalist (Female)

Vile Sorcerer (Male)

Bonehead (Male and Female)

Elite Brigand (Males and Females)

Doombow (Male and Female)

Doomguard (Male and Female)

Undying Doom (Male and Female)

Dark Conqueror (Female)

Darkrealm Captain (Male)

Darkrealm Troop (Male and Female)

Shogg Thrasher (Male and Female)

Also included is a nifty instruction document that shows the steps to get the minis assembled and table-ready in no time! Enjoy!

Contents 22 paper miniatures in 28mm
File Type PDF
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