Diminutive Denizens Deluxe: CyperPunks Minis Pack

Welcome to this exciting Diminutive Denizens Miniatures Pack! Ever enjoyed stories of sweet cybernetics, pulsing neon, underworld matters, feuding corporations, pulp heroes, rugged rebels, and more? Awesome! If you play Cyberpunk tabletop games, or are considering starting one, this stylish set of 28mm printable miniatures is absolutely perfect for you! Well crafted in Sundered Vault's signature charm, these miniatures have the grit, aethestic, and thematic dressings of the best Cyberpunk films, anime, and tropes! So if you like super soldiers, cyber ninjas, corporate troopers and agents, gunslingers, and more, Sundered Vault's Cyberpunks Set has you covered with 16 unique, 28mm miniatures! Check out the list, images, and preview to view out these denizens of the cyber realms! P.S. For ease, troopers have duplicates in the sheets to get a bunch in one print! The others are unique :)!

CONTENTS (Cutetents?)

Esper Knight (Female)

Hired Gun (Male)

Cyber Kensei (Male)

The Enforcer (Female)

The Street Gun (Female)

Super Soldier (Female)

Ultra Commando (Male)

Neon Shadow (Female)

Ammo Incarnate (Male)

Corporate Security (Male)

Posh Corporate (Female)

Posh Corporate (Male)

Shock Trooper (Female)

Assault Trooper (Male)

Cyber Servant (Robot!)

Zoom Zero (Neat Bike)

Also included is a nifty instruction document that shows the steps to get the minis assembled and table-ready in no time! Enjoy!

Contents 16 paper miniatures in 28mm
File Type PDF
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