Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame Rulebook

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Battlelund is The Paper Wargame. It is accessible, adorable, and affordable. Battlelund is the charm and cute that everyone needs. It is made for everybody in the world to enjoy with anybody they want. Awaken your dreamer and find the treasure that is Battlelund.

Ready to smile? Good! Battlelund is an exciting, fast-paced 15mm high fantasy wargame with a decidedly cute and whimsical nature. If the wackier, cheerier side of things appeals to you, as well as games involving strategy and choice, Battlelund has you covered! The game, by intention, is easy to learn and enjoy, but to be the true "bashy smashy master", well that's another story... So then, what's inside this adorable 85-page tome of wargaming goodness for all?

Visuals: Full color! Tons of photos and cheery art detailing the Battlelund World, as well as the weaving scope of our Battlelund printable miniatures line!

Setting: Fairy tale-styled impressions of the Battlelund World, Albrathia, with flavorful, fun quotes and snippets. 

Rules: All the rules, spells, special abilities, game types, etc. Written in a fun, and very learnable way!

Stats: Every unit, hero, engine, and creature of every army has their profile listed inside! All you need is right here!

Battle Report: Not only an enjoyable read, but a fun demonstration in motion!

Resources: Tutorials on assembly of miniatures and base covers, as well as storage and the like! Also, reference document for ease of play.

Simply put, Battlelund is fun and cheer for everyone, perfect for both children and adults. Hear the trumpets blaring? That's the Battlelund World calling. See you in Albrathia!

To learn more about Battlelund click here. Also check out our Battlelund 15mm Paper Miniature Line! It’s okay to like them all. We do! We think they are all amazing and beautiful! 

Contents Rulebook, 80 Pages
Contents Reference Sheets
File Type PDF
Tommy T on 11-30-2019 09:11 PM
I'll start by saying this is a really great find. Not only fun, but mixes ideas together nicely. The pdf is all color and pretty, no trouble on my pc. Rules are easy to read, font is great. Game design has a simple flow, using pools of D6. The battles can be bigger than suggested in the book, but that is up to you. It has a Warhammer for young people air about it and this is awesome. Examples are good, it has a lot of them. The 6 factions have differences and enough flavor. I like the dice pool for special orders and spells. I am used to other 15mm systems, and I think this stands with them and is better for me than most. But this is me. I also have the paper armies associated with this product and it adds a lot to playing the game in full. For me. You can use any and have fun. So check it out. Fun and affordable. What more ya want?
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