Battlelund: Omen of Storms - Game Expansion

Welcome to Battlelund: Omen of Storms, the first game expansion for Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame! In this mighty, colorful update, our 15mm mayhem receives some very nice enhancements and new additions. The world is in grave danger from a huge Yoggy, a horrific Cosmic Horror, but everyone seems far too busy bashing and smashing each other to really notice, but soon they may not have a choice! Join the battle during the Time of Omens, and see how things unfold...


LORE: The world of Albrathia has received more setting material that adds more whimsy, backstory, and depth while revealing the events of the current timeline. An ancient, hungering Cosmic Horror, Yoggy, is attempting to return. Learn all about it, as well as heroes mentioned in the Core Rules, as well as all of the new heroes and mysterious events inside, and sprinkled throughout the book... 

EQUIPMENT, UNIT, & TRAIT CHANGES: Some of the weapons in the Core Rules have been updated to make them more fitting and awesome, and we've included flails as a purchaseable upgrade for some units too! Also, several Traits and Units found in the Core Rules also received some profile or effect adjustments to make sure everyone is in line with everything and everyone else! 

NEW CHARACTERS AND UNITS: All of the Core Rules armies have recieved new units and heroes, each with flavorful options and lore-inspired skillsets. You'll find these new additions quite handy in the battles to come, and the new heroes can take on the role of Dedicated General!

QUARTERMASTER: Every army released so far (including Nightlands!) has the option now to purchase faction-specific items, armor, weapons, and potions for their Characters/Generals. These are nifty additions that can supplement your battlefield needs... for points, of course!

NEW SPELLS: There is a new school of magic, Shatter Magic, that is rather destructive and chaotically powerful. Not everyone chooses to use this magic, but those who do are quite potent...

ENVIRONMENTAL OBSTACLES & WONDERS: We've got defensive fortifications, teleportation sites, magical dampening and buffing areas, corrupted ground, and the like! The land got a bit more useful, and harmful...

NEW WAYS TO PLAY: A couple of new story-based scenarios are included, such as a type of siege using fortifications! Also, the game size has had an increase in points, to field more goodies, and still play in a reasonable, fast, fun time!

NEW MINIS, TERRAIN, BASES, &  TOKENS: Of course all the new heroes, units, and terrain are included as charming paper miniatures, which will fit in with existing Battle armies, and we've made tokens that track wounds, morale, poison, and the like, also included! Our printable bases also got several more choices, in terms of terrain featured!

PRINTER FRIENDLY RESOURCES: A slew of printer friendly reference sheets, including updated army rosters for all current units and heroes!

NOTE: This is an EXPANSION which requires the Battlelund Core Rules to make full use of its content. Thanks!

To learn more about Battlelund click here. Also check out our Battlelund 15mm Paper Miniature Line! It’s okay to like them all. We do! We think they are all amazing and beautiful! 

Contents Rulebook & Army Sheets, 50 Pages
Contents Reference Sheets
Contents Paper Bases
Contents Base Covers for Foam Bases
File Type PDF
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