Battlelund: Game Sampler

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Battlelund is The Paper Wargame. It is accessibleadorable, and affordable. Battlelund is the charm and cute that everyone needs. It is made for everybody in the world to enjoy with anybody they want. Awaken your dreamer and find the treasure that is Battlelund.

Hello! Inside this exciting Sampler Product of Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame, you'll find a host of neat, fun, and explorative content that takes a nifty examination of the Battlelund wargame (a 15mm mass fantasy battle game!). It's full color and full charm! Let's see what's inside!

A: An introduction to all this kinda stuff!

B: A look at the major rules and play mechanics of the game!

C: A look at specialized mechanics and two army lists!

D: A smattering of the Battlelund world's setting material!

E: A look at all six of the armies available in the game!

F: A FREE PAIR of Miniatures! These are similar to our 28mm line. You get a Male and Female halberdier with an Italian Wars-theme, but embellished. 

So go ahead and check it out, and be prepared for fun!

To learn more about Battlelund click here.

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