Battlelund Armies: 15mm Dark Elf Army Miniatures

Battlelund is The Paper Wargame. It is accessibleadorable, and affordable. Battlelund is the charm and cute that everyone needs. It is made for everybody in the world to enjoy with anybody they want. Awaken your dreamer and find the treasure that is Battlelund.

"From the cold lands of Garthrond come the dark elves, a sinister people bent on enslaving and dominating all of Albrathia. Once a race of fey spirits, the dark elves were given physical form by an entity known as the Profound Darkness, who instilled in them great cruelty, pure malice, and superior intelligence. Under the command of the haughty Queen Moranna, the dark elves have recently begun the final stages of the great war against the high elves, a war that has lasted for thousands of years! With wicked armaments and means of destruction at their disposal, the wise fear them, and the foolish fall before them..."

This grand set of fantastic, adorable 15mm printable warriors represent the Dark Elf forces of the Battlelund World, featured in Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame. Inside this set are all the units described in the core rules, formatted for ease of getting into the game! As well as a separate document with base coverings and scenery goodies! Let's take a peak of all that's included, shall we?

Heroes: Mistress of Ruin, High Sorcerer, Coven Sorceress, Assassin

Specials: Ruin Demon, Noxian Dragon, Doombolter (with crew)

Units: Reaping Bows, Shadowguard, Venom Spears, Darkblades, Gloombows, Duskriders, Ruin Knights

Extra: Base Covers, Various Trees and Bushes

 To learn more about Battlelund click here. To learn more about the Dark Elves click here.

Contents Complete Army in 15mm
Contents Base Covers and Trees
File Type PDF
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