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Combatants: Vietnam - 15mm Mega Minis Pack

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Welcome to Combatants: Vietnam - a very large resource of 15mm miniatures and terrain suitable for wargaming, skirmish gaming, and even roleplaying! This first epic entry into our Combatants line focuses upon the Vietnam War, and includes 83 unique pieces in all, with sheets arranged to give you the best mix of minis you might need for gaming and convenience! This set includes infantry and vehicle forces for the United States of America, and the Viet Cong. It also includes civilians and terrain that can make jungles, farming villages, and more!


United States Infantry armed with the following - M16 Rifles, M79 Grenade Launchers M60 machine guns, and a radio operator.

United States Special Forces armed with the following - M16 Rifles, Stoner 63 machine guns, LAW, Grease Guns, and shotguns.

United States Helicopters represented are the AH-1 Hueycobra, OH-6A Loach, and the UH-1 Slick.

United States Armored Vehicles represented are the M113 APC, the M551 Sheridan Tank, M48 Patton Tank.

Viet Cong Infantry armed with AK-47 rifles, RPD machine guns, RPG, SVD Dragunov rifle, 60mm mortar.

Viet Cong Vehicles are represented by the Soviet Cargo Truck.

Civilians of Vietnam going about their business.

Terrain that represents palm trees, stones, growth, tunnel entrances, food stores, rice paddies of differing size, American fortifications, walls, and hooches of differing size.

This large set will defintely be useful for gamers of, or those looking to get into, wargaming the Vietnam War. 


Thank you for playing with us!

Contents 83 Unique Minis in 15mm
Contents United States Infantry
Contents United States Special Forces
Contents Viet Cong Infantry
Contents + Terrain, Helicopters & Tanks
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