Battlelund Core Rules


Welcome to Battlelund, the accessible, adorable, and affordable tabletop wargame of whimsical 15mm mayhem! Battlelund itself is made for everyone to enjoy with anyone! Whether you've played plenty of wargames before, or have never tried, Battlelund has got you covered! The rules have enough depth and nuance to entertain tacticians and planners, as well as simplicity to satisfy those who wish to game for gaming's sake and play epic fantasy battles which they can be immersed in, laugh about, and relax with all their pals! You are free to use any 15mm miniatures you want with Battlelund, but for those who desire or prefer it, the Battlelund line contains lovely, characterful, easy-to-assemble paper miniature armies for every Battlelund army! Shall we take a look at the contents of the game itself?  

Visuals: Full color! A grand dose of photographs of minis in battle, as well as whimsical art detailing the Battlelund World and its trappings!

Setting: Pieces of history of the Battlelund World, Albrathia, told in fairy-tale style, filled with flavorful, fun quotes and snippets. 

Rules: All the rules, spells, special abilities, game types, etc. Written in a fun, easy way for fun, easy learning! Numerous examples and graphics illustrate points of interest and add artful clarity!

Stats: Every unit, hero, engine, and creature of the original six armies have their full profiles listed inside! 

Battle Report: A demonstration in motion! A 400 point game play-by-play between the Dark Lord's Host and the Dwarves! A good read, and adds a layer of conceptual grasping!

Resources: Snazzy tutorials on the assembly of miniatures and  their included base covers, as well as easy storage ideas and the like! Also, a rules reference document for ease during play.

Simply put, Battlelund is a wargame made for both children and adults. Smile, imagine, dream. Hear the trumpets blaring? That's the Battlelund World calling. See you in Albrathia!

Miniatures Sold Seperately! 



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